ASTRA’s online meeting – 25 July 2023

The monthly ASTRA partners’ meeting was held on July 27th, 2023. Apart from keeping track of the project’s progress, discussions were mainly focused around the Joint Workshop, which the 4 Asian HEIs (National University of Laos, Savannakhet University, Prince of Songla University, Chiang Mai University) will participate in. The Joint Workshop will be organised by NUOL in the beginning of September, and participants will have the opportunity to exchange the developed Donour and Fundraising Pipelines of the Hub network, as well as discuss Calls for Proposals, project ideas to implement, work and tasks division, etc., posing as a great learning and cooperation experience!

Moreover, the consortium delved deeper into the organisation of the monitoring visits of the European partners (University of Florence, Athens University of Economics & Business, Symplexis) in the 4 Asian HEIs. These visits will aim to support and mentor the pilot implementation of the R&D Innovation and Consulting Hubs in Asia and will most likely take place during November and December of 2023 in Laos and Thailand!