National University of Laos

Name of University

National University of Laos (NUOL)



Date of establishment of the ASTRA HUB (RDI Hub)


Number of staff members (and their roles) working in the HUB

  • 1/ Assoc. Prof. Phanphasa Lomchanthala Manager
  • 2/ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bounlert Vannalath Deputy Manager
  • 3/ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Viriyasack Sisouphanthong Researcher
  • 4/ Dr. Soubin Sisavath Researcher
  • 5/ Mr. Nirankoon Singpaseuth IT
  • 6/ Asst. Prof. Chanpaseuth Vongphouthone Administrative and Finance
  • Manager 1
  • Deputy Manager 1
  • Researcher 2
  • IT 1
  • Administrative and Finance 1

Summary of the work

What was done in one year of pilot implementation; the launch event; trainings; proposals developed; cooperations ‘ private sector etc

  • 4/4/2023 Launched event
  • 5/4/2023 Training for staff of Faculty of Economics and Business Management, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Engineering
  • 8/9/2023 proposal development at LPB
  • 11/10/ 2023 Trained cooperation ‘ private sector networking
  • 27/1/24 Training for young fundraising researchers

Number of national research proposals pursued

  1. RTI research fund for Higher education
  2. National University of Laos: Annual research fund
  3. The Lao government research fund: Ministry of Science, Post, and Construction

Number of international research proposals pursued

Erasmus plus: Cooperation with Thai Universities 2 proposals

Number of private sector actors engaged

  1. Accounting firm
  2. Independent research institute: Lao academy of social economic study