Savannakhet University

Name of University

Savannakhet University



Date of establishment of the ASTRA HUB

3 rd April 2023

Number of staff members (and their roles) working in the HUB

  1. Hub manager
  2. Program and Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. 2 Researchers
  5. Administration
  6. Consultant

Summary of the work

  • Launch hub event: 3rd April 2023 with 50 people from 4 faculties members, provincial education and sports, and signing the mandate
  • 1-3 February 2023(National training), 19 February 2024(Drafting the proposal, 1 March 2024(online proposal tutoring and Introduction of hub to promote students on 14 March 2024
  • Meeting as bilateral and multilateral with local business and private sectors for creating hub networking
  • 4 proposals developed

Number of national research proposals pursued

  • 2 Institutional proposals
  • Practical skills and practice enhancement of teachers teaching in the two master’s degree programs at Savannakhet University
  • IT using for Financial Management of Entrepreneur Unit in Savannakhet Province
  • 1 National Proposal
  • Cause and Cures of High Inflation in Laos PDR

Number of international research proposals pursued

  • International research proposals
  • Zero Wase Management

Number of private sector actors engaged

  • Paloma Kham Drinking Water, and Salt Producing Nateui companies
  • Mitre Lao Sugar Company Ltd
  • from 4 colleges in Savannakhet province
  • Savan Logistic Company